Tips on Choosing Your First Sex Toy

So you made the decision to purchase your first sex toy. Congratulations! Making a conscientious decision to find new and exciting ways to enhance and take charge of your pleasure is an amazing accomplishment. With so many items on the market, it can be difficult to find the perfect item that’s just right for you. Take it from me, when you find that item or items that send shivers down your spine and makes your toes curl, you get a new sense of appreciation for personal pleasure and the items that can help you enjoy it even more. Here are some tips you can use when making a sex toy purchase for the first time.
Tip# 1- Buy something Based off of What You Like, Not What Someone Else
Not many people will say this, but sensation is subjective, just like taste. It’s very easy to get caught up in the latest trends of what’s hot and fresh on the market. Or maybe you had a chat with a friend who gave you a recommendation. While many sex toys guarantee pleasure, not all of them can deliver that pleasure to you personally. Don’t just buy a sex toy because someone told you it gave them the best orgasms they ever had. Do your research first. See if the specific type of stimulation the toy grantees to give is something you would like or would be open to trying.
Tip#2- Get To Know Your Body
I personally would never recommend buying a first-time sex toy if you have never masturbated using just your hands. Using hands during masturbation allows you to learn your body in a way that only you can understand. After all, there’s only one you and you are the expert of your own body. You can create so many different sensations with your hands, and this information can help you immensely when you start your search for your first sex toy. Knowing the type of stimulation you like, how strong, and where can help you with deciding if you like vibrations, pulsations, vibrations with patterns, non-vibrating items, toys with texture, girth, and much more.
Tip# 3- Know your Materials
The best consumer is an informed consumer. Knowing the difference between sex toy materials can help you steer clear of items that may cause you irritation in your nether regions. It isn’t an uncommon practice to purchase a sex toy made of not so great materials just to get a feel of it and its sensations before upgrading to a toy with more bells and whistles and more importantly, body-safe materials. If you do decide to purchase a product made of porous materials, use it, enjoy it, and throw it out ASAP. There is always a body-safe alternative to any sex toy you could think of. The reason why sex educators wave the naughty finger at toys made with porous materials is because they have microscopic pores that trap bacteria and make them difficult and practically impossible to sanitize completely. A clean sex toy is a safe sex toy. Additionally, a sex toy made of non-porous materials is always easier to clean and require very little maintenance.
Tip#4- You First Sex Toy Doesn’t Have to Cost an arm and leg
While we won’t tell you how much money you should spend on a sex toy, it is important to note that you don’t need to break the bank by getting the most expensive item in the store. Just because it costs more, doesn’t mean it’s the best one for you. The misconception that spending more money on a sex toy means that it will be perfect for you is false. You can get a great sex toy that gives you amazing orgasms at any price point and budget. Once again, a great sex toy is determined by what your body likes, not how much it costs.
Tip#5- It’s Okay If Your First Sex Toy Doesn’t Work for You
Finding the sex toy that’s right for you is not a perfect science. So if you don’t find one that works for you the first time around, it’s okay. Most people don’t. Use that information, why you don’t like the toy you purchased, to help you find a sex toy that better suits your needs in the future. Majority of people (myself included) who have purchased their first sex toy have more than one in their collection. And are
always adding to it. In closing, always be mindful that sex toys are not created to replace a human and are not designed for that task. They can simply enhance the experience. Sex toys do not “desensitize” you or “stretch you out.” And always remember to go with what feels good, always starting slow then building up. No matter what sex toy you chose to purchase.