Drive Them Crazy With Your head Game

Drive Them Crazy With Your head Game

  If you've not been receiving (or giving) the kind of head that makes you arch your back, lose your sense and have a temporary memory loss, you have been doing (or giving) it wrong. We bring you hacks to give and receive the kind of head that is so good, it can make you promise the giver your life with everything that belongs to you, and vice versa. After this, you will never get it wrong again, ever!


How to give HER head 


To give a woman the kind of oral sex she'll never forget, give the clitoris the most attention. It is the most sensitive part of the vagina with more than 8000 nerve ending in the tip alone. This doesn't mean you should dive into the clitoris like it's a lost sibling and forget the rest of the vagina. Bid your time, build the anticipation, and make her beg for it. Give her inner thigh slow wet kisses, send your warm breath down there, move slowly to the clitoris and just at the point you are almost there, don't do it. Divert. Stall and tease till she is clawing at your skin and pushing her vagina into your face.


When the stalling is beginning to get too frustrating, stop. Go in with the tip of your tongue, tracing circles on the clitoral glands. Close your lips over the clitoris and suck lightly. Alternate between this and licking the length of the clitoris, not forgetting the ultra-sensitive inner labia.


To take it to another level, insert a finger and slide it in and out while still doing the mouth action on the clitoris. You can take it further and reach for the G-spot by hooking your finger(s) in her vagina up towards the belly button and rocking her slightly. To make it more intense and even make her have explosive orgasms, involve a sex toy! She'll never forget you!


It's important to communicate all along and find out what is working for her and what is not. 


How to give HIM head 


Just like cunnilingus, giving a man irresistible oral sex has less to do with the amount of energy you put in and more to do with your tact. No matter what happens, do not use teeth or anything hard. The penis needs as much softness it can get unless you are pressuring with your tongue or any other part of your mouth. Going straight for the cookie is boring, and nobody likes boring. Well, I don't.


Do not let him pull down his pants, do it yourself unless you both are naked already. Fumble with his trouser and belt with your hands and even mouth. Make it take longer than it usually would and make a show of feeling frustrating. While at it, keep 'mistakenly' brushing your hand against dick. It will make him hard as a rock. He will attempt to help you pull off his trousers; don't let him.


When his it finally goes off, lick the shaft of his penis from the base to the tip, using the flat of your tongue. The tip is to the penis what the clitoris is to the vagina; ultra-sensitive. Keep the tip between your tongue and your mouth and shut tight. This is to apply pressure. Circle your tongue and run your lips back and forward over it to increase sensitivity.


If he likes it and you don't mind doing it, deepthroat. Take his dick as deep into your throat as you can. With every thrust, go faster than the previous. Begin slow and increase your pace. Suck his penis like a lollipop and act like your life depends on the blowjob. Make eye contact occasionally and use your hand when your mouth gets tired. To spice things up, use a sex toy.


How to rim?


Rimming is giving the anus head; licking, kissing, penetrating with the tongue, and sucking.


Except the smell of sweat and butt turns you on, make sure you and your partner shower before you proceed. Use a nicely flavored lubricant to taste better and make the movement of your tongue and maybe fingers smoother. Alternate between licking firmly with the flat off your tongue and circling around the opening with the tip of your tongue. You can also play with other parts of their body while rimming. There are sex toys that’d make your partner go crazy and shoot a load or squirt during rimming.